Sherlock Investigates Potential Russian Hack

This just in:

Not to be upstaged by the United States government, the BBC alleges that a hack into their system might be from Russian interference.

Oh really?

The extenuating circumstances: The Russian version of the final episode of this season’s Sherlock was leaked into Russia’s airwaves one day ahead of the scheduled air date last Saturday, 1/14.

Warning: No Spoilers!

In addition to investigating how its files were hacked and by whom, the BBC took special care to prevent viewers of the hacked episode from ruining the mystery for those who would be watching it when it was rightfully released.

Once producers realized that the episode was leaked early, they jumped onto twitter to appeal to those who have seen the episode not to reveal the ending to others. Here’s the tweet from Suevertue:

Russian version of TFP has been illegally uploaded.Please don’t share it. You’ve done so well keeping it spoiler free.Nearly there

Is that name a coincidence? Sue virtue? legally stand up to virtue?

Oh you crazy folks at the BBC.

A Perfect Ten

Here you have my top ten movies of 2013, a list completely free of spoilers–because you deserve it.

10. Lovelace. Never in a million years did you think that I would include this, did you? Just keeping you on your toes. (And no, I haven’t seen it.)

9. The Act of Killing. The movie that comes with a guarantee that I will never see it (documentary about proud, Indonesian mass murderers).

8. Enough Said. I really like that expression.


7. Sherlock. Each episode of this TV series qualifies as a movie. It has it all–movie length (1.5 hours), movie stars, (Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman), popular movie genre (mystery).

6. Gravity and 12 Years a Slave. There. I said it. This qualifies me as a bona fide movie reviewer.

5. All is Lost. As you know it stars my love, who has gotten rave reviews. I hear he is really good in it. I will try to see it before the Oscars.

4. Let the Fire Burn. I haven’t seen it, but I once lived in Philadelphia where it takes place and I remember when it happened, making me feel superior.

3. Nymphomaniac Volume 1. Hubba hubba.  Yes, it really is a movie. From Denmark. Found it on IMDB when looking for a list of movies from 2013.

2. Mud. An intricate coming of age movie that I haven’t seen.

1. The Spectacular Now. An intimate coming of age movie that I hated. Yet it achieved the impossible—it pierced through my scathing criticism by becoming a critics’ darling and doing well at the box office (for an indie).