Another Round

Do you know this face?

If you see THIS FACE on a screen, then it’s a MUST SEE because it is Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, who has been in a ton of stuff, including the title character in the American TV show Hannibal that was on a number of years ago. (Here’s his filmography). He’s always good in whatever role he plays–many nefarious ones, but then all sorts of roles. And now we can see him in a new one, as an aspiring alcoholic in the Danish movie Another Round.

Plot: The title of the review in The Chicago Sun-Times drew me to this movie: ‘Another Round’: Four men experiment with teaching while intoxicated. Mads Mikkelsen plays a high school teacher who apparently needs a little umpf in his life. He and three colleagues decide to partake in a scientific experiment that poses the query: does day drinking improve your social and work performances? Yes, they drink on the job, while teaching. Note the rules: no drinking after 8 PM; no drinking on the weekend. (Do not try this at home, even if classes are remote.)

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Review by Alissa Wilkinson

Bottom Line: “I cannot overstate my love for Another Round,…”

Existential: I love WIlkinson’s analysis of this movie. She says that it’s about daily existence, and whether alcohol can inject the passion that makes life worth living. Why would adults act like this, viewers might wonder. Wilkinson’s answer: “some combination of finding courage in unlikely places and needing to compensate for all the ways they feel they’ve failed themselves.”

Spoilers Skimmable? Yes. You do have to beware of them, however, Wilkinson does not use a series of spoilers to justify her every thought.

Wonderful Asides: This insightful review contains two interesting tidbits (the second one is really sad):

1. Mikkelsen trained as a gymnast and a dancer, and danced professionally for a decade before he began acting.

2. “(Director Thomas) Vinterberg treats the tale with a light hand, though he’s revealed in interviews that personal tragedy was an impetus for its story; his daughter Ida, who convinced him to make the film, was killed in a car accident four days into filming, and Vinterberg’s response was to rework the script to make it more life-affirming.”

Interview Magazine

Review by Sarah Nechamkin

Bottom Line: It’s great. The direction and acting are amazing.

This is not your typical Leaving Las Vegas tragedy about drinking, nor a Bachelor Party romp about wild nights. “It’s a rather run-of-the-mill mid-life crisis masquerading as thought experiment.”

Best line about the movie in the context of the pandemic:

“…we see, in real time, the insipid ways in which inebriation can lure a person into its steady grip. It’s at once beautiful and tragic, both Shakespearean tragedy and divine comedy—all the more so during a global pandemic that has seen a spike in alcohol.”

Spoilers Skimmable? Thumbs up. You can skip over them.

Chicago Sun-Times

Review by Richard Roeper

Bottom Line: Great acting, great story.

Spoilers Skimmable? NO. Oh woe unto me, I did not tread carefully. Thankfully, the story sounds interesting enough for spoilers not to totally ruin my experience.