Sherlock Investigates Potential Russian Hack

This just in:

Not to be upstaged by the United States government, the BBC alleges that a hack into their system might be from Russian interference.

Oh really?

The extenuating circumstances: The Russian version of the final episode of this season’s Sherlock was leaked into Russia’s airwaves one day ahead of the scheduled air date last Saturday, 1/14.

Warning: No Spoilers!

In addition to investigating how its files were hacked and by whom, the BBC took special care to prevent viewers of the hacked episode from ruining the mystery for those who would be watching it when it was rightfully released.

Once producers realized that the episode was leaked early, they jumped onto twitter to appeal to those who have seen the episode not to reveal the ending to others. Here’s the tweet from Suevertue:

Russian version of TFP has been illegally uploaded.Please don’t share it. You’ve done so well keeping it spoiler free.Nearly there

Is that name a coincidence? Sue virtue? legally stand up to virtue?

Oh you crazy folks at the BBC.

I’ve got the IMDB BLUES

Went to and was shocked with this headline:

Saul is back

AMC Renews “Better Call Saul”, Moves Premiere to 2015

Panic rips through my throat and grabs my stomach. I am on the floor reeling in sweat, trying to catch my breath….

Had I missed the first season of a Saul Goodman, Breaking Bad spinoff?

How could that be?

Fingers tingling, hands shaking, I barely click on Better Call Saul.

I get to the IMDB page for it. There has only been one episode, not yet released.

Wha? No wonder why I didn’t know about that which is renewed.

I go back to

I see this down below:

IMDb Snapshot – Latest Photos and Galleries

My eyes glob onto this sexy babe’s photo; she’s  holding an award that looks like a beer mug that doubles as a mangled parfait glass. Underneath is this:

Critics’ Choice Television Awards 2014

Who dat?
Who dat?

Now I’m calm. Smelly but calm.

It is not such a big deal that I missed the awards, but hell, if I can procrastinate instead of working out, I’m going to have a look-see.

In the next link, there’s a photo of someone from Orange is the New Black holding an award.

This is so exciting! What did she win for?

I look around.

No clue.

Just a photo. So I click on “next.”  Another picture but no info. So I go on and on and on… a maniac I keep on clicking until I have gone through the slide show three times. (Don’t worry, it is at break-neck speed.)


Um, hello?

Award Show?


Anyone home?

No info re the award show that these photos come from. There are names. You can catch them in the pop-up captions.

But those are only names. No context–nothing re what the award is for, what role the actors play, what shows they are on. Just names.

Guess it really is just a photo gallery. IMDB is so literal.

NOW, FINALLY, I can go to what I was looking for in the first place:

What the cast members of Clueless are doing now.




Netflix: more like Net-FIX

orangeWithout fanfare (at least not in this house), Netflix’s original TV series, Orange is the New Black, is back for its second season. And good ol’ Netflix knows exactly what the people want; unfortunately, like Doritos, it is not necessarily what we need. As they do with all of their original series, they gave us all episodes of the new season in one big lump. I am well capable of staying up night and day until I finish the season. It is of great concern to my husband and scares my kids, especially because I can not see or hear them when I am in a TV trance.

It is difficult because I have the gene that makes me susceptible to TV addiction.

Tonight I started watching Orange and thought the first two episodes were good, so I continued onto the third when an act of God saved me:

The internet stopped working.

And it didn’t just stop working–according to a Comcast agent, it only stopped in our house, not our neighborhood.
I will try to remember how painless it was to stop watching every episode tonight.
Hard to resist a decent TV show in which the characters are all women and the theme is not romance or fashion.
Hard to resist a decent TV show in which the characters are all women and the theme is not romance or fashion.
While I am free of my addiction, I thought I’d go out and watch some movies.
Anyone know of an all-night movie theater?
(Just to be clear, I am not talking about adult movie theaters.)