Fantastic Fingers

FINALLY! A summer flick that’s worth going out to see! Here’s a review of a review from the website


So adorable!
So adorable!

Review by Joey Magidson

Plot: In the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, far from any signs of civilization, a couple brings up their six kids, strictly enforcing their rules. When the movie opens, the mother is sick and in the hospital, and the father is in the woods with the kids. To visit the mother, the father takes his kids out of the wilderness and into civilization.  The movie is a drama, and Viggo Mortensen plays the father.

Spoiler’s skimmable? Yes! This is a good review.

Bottom line: Joey Magidson loves it–a must-see!

Magidson says that this film provides the ultimate movie experience: the acting is phenomenal, and you leave thinking about the issues: is secreting six children away in the wilderness and imposing your own strict rules on them child abuse? good parenting? The film offers no clear answer, according to Magidson:

“When you get right down to it, what we have in Captain Fantastic is really just a fascinating lifestyle character study (if that makes sense).” [his parenthetical, not mine.]

Viggo Mortensen plays the father in a “career best turn.”

Viggo and the kids who play his children

I must stop here and say that Viggo is damn good in every role he plays. So if this is a game changer for him, he must be stunningly perfect in the film. (I use the term stunning as a pun.)

You’ll never guess who wrote and directed it! (Unless you don’t know the TV shows or movies the actor/director has been in. Then you will truly never guess.)

It’s  what’s his name–the guy who always plays nasty characters, some that are funny.

His name is Matt Ross and he plays a weird animal-loving antagonist on HBO’s Silicon Valley. (The character likes to impress the Board of his company by bringing in a different animal for each meeting–he brought in an elephant in the episode I saw.)

They really think they can camouflage the fingers?
Every finger is camouflaged except for those of the two little kids

Magidson says that Ross has played roles in vehicles that range from the film American Psycho (with Christian Bale) to HBO’s comedy, Silicon Valley.

Excuse me? There’s one major role in between those two that is not even mentioned here, which is downright wrong: the weird, evil son of Roman on HBO’s Big Love.

Here he is:

Big MAtt
Writer/director Matt Ross


He’s the latest “It guy” in Hollywood. This film instantaneously became a critic’s darling.


Hey, what happened?
Why even bother?






It really is a drama
It really is a drama

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