Breaking news: EW Reveal on Cover

I grabbed my mail, looked through it and gasped. ON THE COVER of Entertainment Weekly is a HUGE reveal about Game of Thrones.

Coincidentally, I had just started to binge watch the wildly popular TV series and just finished the first season.


This is a new low. I am withdrawing my subscription.


One thought on “Breaking news: EW Reveal on Cover

  1. I am so sorry you were spoiled (I know what you are referring to, and you’re a good person not to actually mention it, in case in of your readers are also just watching the show.)

    I think it might have been really hard to keep this particular thing under wraps, and EW had been pretty much helping the show runners perpetuate a smokescreen about that very event.

    Wow, I apologize for being so vague.

    Hey, I assume you enjoyed the first season. Did you know about the big thing that happened near the end? I’m talking about a thing that happened in King’s Landing, not the very last thing that ended the season.

    If you didn’t know, good for you! You got to experience some shock like most everyone else (who hadn’t read the books.)

    As a rule, the book reading population has been pretty good about not dropping spoilers, but as time went on, people began to loosen up a bit.

    Hope you continue to watch, and enjoy the following seasons.

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