Bad to the Bone

Just binged on Wentworth, an Australian TV show that not many Americans know about. It came out in 2013 and has had three seasons. The fourth one starts next month. Here’s my review of a review of the show from–

Rumble in the jungle



Plot: The premise of this Australian TV show is similar to that of Orange is the New Black: Accused of trying to murder her husband, Bea gets locked up in Wentworth Prison amidst women who have committed violent crimes. The plot includes a storyline about the prison guards and staff.

It’s also about power struggles among the prisoners, among the staff, and between the staff and the prisoners.

she bad
The ladies of season 1: Bea on the right; two rivals beside her: Franky and Jacs, the den mother from hell.


Review by Margaret Lyons

Spoilers skimmable? Yes! There aren’t many at all AND it’s a long review! A feat!

Bottom Line: An excellent show, although very violent. Normally Lyons would not like a show with so much violence, but here the characters are compelling. Each of its three seasons poses a mystery that “pays off” in the end.

why hello
He plays one of the guards. Who wouldn’t put him in a plot line?

Can’t put it better than this: People exert power by what they know about each other. Here’s what she says about it:

“There’s no shiv as powerful as ‘having’ something on someone, nothing so potent as a carefully deployed ‘I know something you wish I didn’t.'”

I love how Lyons describes this as an “information economy.”

The powerhouse “guv’nor,” (prison warden) of seasons 2 & 3.  You don’t have to be a prisoner to know she’s a bit of a sociopath.

In short: “This is a corrupt ecosystem that prizes information and permits violence, and that infects every interaction, even between alleged allies.”

The women work in the laundry room with a gigantic, stand-alone iron controlled by the big kahunas. 

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