Eyes, Disclosures & Public Service

Full disclosure #1: this is the second post in a row where I review reviews about a movie I saw and liked–a lot. So last time it was 10 Cloverfield Lane. Now?-Eye in the Sky.

eyeThis week, let’s be political and go to the state that had its primaries last Tuesday: Wisconsin, specifically, The Cap Times (the formal name being The Capital Times)–coming at you from Madison, Wisconsin.

Eye in the Sky

Review by Rob Thomas

Plot: Two Q’s:

  1. i7Is firing a drone like playing a video game? Aaron Paul (yo bitches, from Breaking Bad), plays a pilot who is responsible for pushing the button that will drop a drone on a single point in Nairobi–yet he is sitting in a trailer in Las Vegas!
  2. How do we balance the impact on the innocents against the value of taking out the terrorists? This must be decided by British politicians and military officers, as well as American military officers, all spread across the world.

The answer: We see the deliberations in real time.

Spoilers skimmable? LOL. Not at all.

Rob aptly states that “Eye in the Sky finds suspense on every link of the chain.” Unfortunately he proceeds to define every link–one by one–in one short paragraph.

IThanks man. We plebians in the audience couldn’t have figured that out on our own. We’d be lost without your spoilers.

(Good ‘ol NY sarcasm.)

Bottom line: 3/5 stars. “What’s so impressive about Gavin Hood’s film is that it deals with those issues in a complex and even-handed way while being an absolute nail-biter of a thriller that plays out in real time.”

The acting is terrific, says Rob; he gives shout outs to:

Typical Alan Rickman expression (we’ll miss him.)

Helen Mirren as a colonel who has been following the British and American extremists for years.

Alan Rickman, in his last role, as a general in the military meeting with members of Britain’s cabinet.

Barkhad Abdi (from Captain Phillips) , who plays a Nairobi spy on the ground, closest to the action.

Interesting:  Helen Mirren is in a role originally written for a man.

NY Timesi3

Review by Stephen Holden

Somebody stop me! I’m not kidding. Somebody stop me from trashing one of my favorite targets, The New York Times.

Full disclosure #2: I subscribe to The New York Times online. I read it for its well-written, informative news stories and editorials. (Hmm, where have we heard that before?)

But I certainly do NOT read it for its reviews. Oy.

Let’s analyze this review in reverse, shall we?

i6Bottom Line: Right off the bat, in the first sentence, Stephen Holden calls Eye in the Sky a farce! Is there any reason to go on? So he thinks it’s unrealistic. OK, fine. The guy is entitled to his opinions.

Spoilers skimmable? HA!

Thanks Man: Far be it for us to understand what Holden means by plot points being absurd. He spells it out for us. And so those spoilers keep tumbling down–after all, everything in the movie is a fallacy.

Thanks Steve! He knows just how we all hate to make our own judgements.



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