Me, Myself and Micah Mertes

Through a google search gone awry, I stumbled upon While there, I discovered movie critic Micah Mertes. (He’s a “World-Herald staff writer.”)

I like his reviews–they’re entertaining and, most importantly, not spoiler laden.


Plot: Greg and Earl are pals who like to make alternate versions of classic movies. At the request of his mother, Greg befriends  Rachel, who is dying of Leukemia. They soon become a trio, hence the earl etc

Spoilers skimmable? yes, it can be done.

Bottom line: 2/4 stars. Premise sounds good, but it doesn’t work: “it struggles to say anything meaningful.”

Greg sounds like he’s one of those people who insists he failed a test, only to find out he got an A. This is what Mertes says:

“What is Greg’s deal, anyway? He thinks he’s ugly and unlikable despite being friends with nearly everyone….His ironical detachment and self-imposed high school exile feels contrived, a necessary starting point for his navel-gazing journey to come.”

Them’s fighting words!

But there’s more. Here’s some biting sarcasm:

“Not only does Greg get his very own dream girl to help him reach his best self; he gets a terminally ill one. What a meaningful experience for Greg!”

Love it!

  1. DOPE

Plot: at a high school party, someone plants some drugs into the possession of “smart, lovable nerd” Malcolm and his two “hipster dork” friends, who all live in a poor, crime-ridden section of LA. The trio concocts an unusually “nerdy plan” to avoid murderous drug dealers and suspicious cops. Hilarity ensues.

dopeSpoilers skimmable? Yes. No real spoilers. But then again, this is a short review.

Bottom line: 3.5/4 stars. It’s good! Unlike “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl,” it’s entertaining, has good characters and has something to say:

“This fizzy mix of John Hughes, ‘Boyz in Da Hood’ and your Tumblr account is a supremely entertaining comedy with a side of timely racial commentary.”

The film is “disjointed” in parts, but it has “fantastic energy…..[that] drives the film.”


Emily and Alex have just moved to LA with their young son. At their son’s new school, they meet another parent named Kurt (Jason Schwartzman), who invites them over to his home for dinner for a “playdate pizza party.” Emily and Alex, played by Taylor Schilling and Adam Scott, accept the invitation. After dinner, Kurt and his wife (Judith Godrèche) convince them to stay over for the night. Awkward, weird sexual innuendos ensue. (Don’t worry, their sons are soundly asleep upstairs.)the overnight

Spoilers skimmable? Yes, just tread carefully.

Bottom line: 3/4 stars. “It wants to make you laugh, but it really wants to make you squirm. It’s fairly successful in the former but a masterwork in the latter.”

That’s quite a testament!

Unlike the other two movies, Mertes does not overtly mention an underlying theme. He does calls it “a sex comedy and one that is blithely, defiantly uncomfortable.”

There’s an underlying theme to this review–our discomfort surrounding sex and sexual innuendos.





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