their cards are on the table

Where DOES the time go? One moment, my husband and I are two episodes into Netflix’s new (third) season of Netflix’s House of Cards, unsure of whether to continue, because there are no sympathetic characters, and then…..

Snap! We’ve already finished all 13 episodes–in under two weeks since it has been released!

Kevin-Spacey-and-Robin-Wright-in-House-of-Cards-Season-3Plot: Frank and Claire Underwood, the president and first lady (Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright), continue their finagling. Season 3 focuses on their marriage and on Doug Stamper, Underwood’s consiglieri, whom someone beat the bajingos out of last season.

Here are two reviews that have it going on:

1. Huffington Post

Review by Lloyd I. Sederer, MD

Bottom line: Great season. Great acting.

Spoilers: very little because it focuses on one part of the plot.

Most Interesting Aspect of Series: Sederer, a public health doctor,  believes that our government could learn a thing or two from President Underwood, who calls unemployment, “bad for our physical and mental health, and for the safety of our communities.”

In other words, many of the unemployed have poor healthcare and live in poor, crime-ridden neighborhoods.

Civics Lesson: Frank makes creative use of the Homeland Security Act to try to push through his employment program. If  you’re like me, you’d have to read this review to get it.


Review by Kevin Yeoman

hocloveleySpoilers: HAZARD! SOS! Way too many.  Here’s the spoiler alert, verbatim:

(Spoiler Alert—but then why would you be reading this if you didn’t already know?)




Yeoman notes–

1. Characters: this season focuses on the characters, not the Underwoods’ conniving to gain power.

2. No Addressing the Audience: this season, we are not privy to Frank’s thoughts. He doesn’t turn to the audience to make a snide remark.

hocandagainclare3. Great Acting: esp Robin Wright (who also directed the last episode).

The best part of this review: Yeoman’s discussion of the Doug Stamper plotline: some of it has the conflict that makes for good drama. “But here’s the thing about Doug: he’s a massive weirdo for reasons that remain unexplored.”




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