Busy busy, watching movies

Here are some short, non-spoiler reviews of the many movies I have seen recently, in theaters and at home. I liked them all~~

In Movie Theaters:

Jon Favreau and John Liguizamo
( John Leguizamo and Jon Favreau


Charming, light movie about a chef (duh) down on his luck who needs to make money, but hates having a boss. In the meantime, he is not paying enough attention to his son. It stars Jon Favreau, who also wrote and directed the film. The ever-buxom Sofia Vergara plays his ex-wife who is perpetually clad in flattering, formal clothing until the very end when she wears flattering, informal clothing.

(Has anyone seen that red gown I’m always hanging around the house in?)

Hey! Guess who’s back? John Leguizamo! I spent the whole film feeling smug because I recognized him.

I go home only to find out he’s been busy making films all along. He simply was off my radar.



Not light, but well-done, thought-provoking movie that  takes place in 1960s Poland. It is about a girl who has grown up in a Catholic orphanage. Right as she is about to take her vows (to become a nun), she learns that not only does she have an aunt who is alive, but also she is Jewish.  A reviewer reminded me to look for how it is filmed–almost one still photo at a time, in a way that makes Poland seem oppressive.

(I’ll say.)

Edge of Tomorrow  

Well, hello!
Well, hello!

Futuristic fantastical frivolous fun.

OK, so it’s Tom Cruise and I’m so over him. Well I have been for a while. But they really have done a great job of making him look better than ever.

It’s what I call a cartoon movie: meaningless action, insipid characters, unlikely hero, plot laden with holes. If you don’t expect much, it’s fun. I saw it in always-entertaining 3-D.

Emily Blunt is his co-star. She is good in whatever she does. It takes place in the trendy post-Apocalypse. Humans are losing a war against aliens that have invaded the earth. Its concept is cool–Tom C  plays a PR exec turned hunk. The aliens gain some power over him that gives him the Groundhog Day syndrome.

You don’t know the real man lurking below the surface until he’s put to the test. Hubba hubba.

These aliens are very metallic looking. Like that thing that pops out of John Hurt’s stomach in the first of the Aliens  movies, cross-pollinated with the aliens in War of the Worlds (also with T.C.), mixed in with just a hint of octopus.


X-Men: Days of Future Past

About a Nicholas
About a Nicholas

[“Edge of Tomorrow” (the title) was already taken.]

The best X-Men installment yet. Think I’m too old to like these movies? I’m not. Love ’em. I loved this one. It is just a great story that focuses on Wolverine and young Charles Xavier (James MacAvoy). How can you go wrong with Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy? Wolv goes back in time to save the gang–0h and earth too. After all, it’s the post-apocalypse.

Add Michael Fassbender and you have a sweet deal. Jennifer Lawrence and her real-life boyfriend Nicholas Hoult round out the cast.

[After watching Nicholas H. in About a Boy, how can you not love anything he’s in? You did know he’s the boy, right? Haven’t seen the movie? See it now. It’s really good (fun and cute). With once-ubiquitous British actor Hugh Grant and still-ubiquitous Aussie actress, Toni Collette.]




Leonardo, Leo, wherefore art thou?
Leonardo, Leo, wherefore art thou?

The Wolf of Wall Street

This drama is about a sickeningly debauched investment banker in the greedy 1980s. It starts out horrifying, showing just how lascivious the man is, but it is Marty (Scorsese) and Leo (DiCaprio). Can’t beat that team. They are both amazing at what they do. I think it is worth watching, but it is not for the squeamish. This is based on an autobiography, and the bastard annoys the poop out of me because he cashed in on his book.

Warm Bodies

It’s About a Boy Boy again! Nicholas Hoult holds his own as the star of this love story. He’s a vampire. She’s not. He falls in love with her. It’s a hard unlife.

All grown up
All grown up

A cute, light movie with lots of funny moments and Rob Corduroy (with three dashes of John Malkovich).

Oh and guess when it  takes place? The Post-Apocalypse.

Animal Kingdom

Quirky family
Quirky family

Good Australian thriller about an orphaned boy who moves in with his grandmother and uncles. To his horror, they’re really not such a great family. In fact they’re a bunch of hardened criminals, especially the satanic oldest uncle. It’s with ubiquitous Aussie actor Guy Pearce.

Guy Pearce is a really good actor. He starred in Christopher Nolan’s Memento, early predecessor to Nolan’s film with Leo, Inception.

David Michod, the  Aussie director of Animal Kingdom, currently has a new thriller in theaters called The Rover, also with Guy Pearce. Guy plays a guy (guffaw) who is chasing after the guys who stole his car. It takes place in the post-Apocalypse. Yeah, the fourth mention of that time.

Let’s hope that life doesn’t imitate art.


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