The Little Movie that Could

New Sci Fi Indie Coherence opened on Friday, generating $17,000 at the box office–not bad, considering it opened in only two movie theaters–one in NY and one in LA. It opens in other “art-house” movie theaters throughout the summer. To see whether Coherence is coming to your area, click here. Its release must be super limited because it was filmed on a shoe-string.

Despite that, national reviewers have gone above and beyond to review this movie; the locals do it too, but with the usual spoilerizing. (Like that word?) It is with respect to filmmakers and audience alike that reviewers give films like this wide exposure to the public.

Review by Matt Zoller Seitz

Spoilers: In the middle of the third paragraph, Seitz warns that spoilers start in the following paragraph. Touché!  Up until then, minimacometl spoilers.

Plot: Eight people go to a couple’s house for a dinner party. They introduce each other and have the usual banter. Then strange phenomena begin to take place, and they try to figure out what is happening–it may have to do with “Miller’s Comet,” which will be able to be seen the following day.

Bottom Line: Thumbs up. You can tell it’s a low-budget movie (very few settings, hard to see the actors outside in the night, audio gets rough in parts)–and yet, it works!

Directly from the review:

This is a less-is-more science fiction-horror tale, indebted to the original The Twilight Zone…It’s more of a horror story than a suspense  or terror because while there’s some violence, the source of unease is philosophical. The characters are frightened by what they don’t know, then by the implications of what they’ve been able to figure out.

Review by Bilge Ebiri

: They seem light!

Plot: A couple has friends over for a dinner party on the evening before “Miller’s Comet” will pass. There is some tension–a former couple bring their new significant others, for example. At the beginning of the evening, they joke about the Comet coming and what it is supposed to cause.

Wouldn’t ya know it? After they make fun of the media for making such a big deal about Comet Miller, the comet actually starts to cause something unsettling and mysterious.

Bottom Line: Best science-fiction movie I’ve seen in the last couple of years.

LA Timescoherencescene

Review by Robert Abele

Spoilers: Robert Abele manages to pack a ton in just a couple of short paragraphs. Don’t look at this review. I put in the wrong link in case you were tempted. (Not really, but I would be protecting you if I did.)

Bottom Line: It’s hard to separate the reviewer’s opinion from the spoilers, so I’ll leave you with his last sentence:coherence

The performances…are solid, and the conceit is alluringly mind-bending without ever seeming off-puttingly brainy.

(Is “off-puttingly” a legitimate adverb? I like it!)



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