I’ve got the IMDB BLUES

Went to IMDB.com and was shocked with this headline:

Saul is back

AMC Renews “Better Call Saul”, Moves Premiere to 2015

Panic rips through my throat and grabs my stomach. I am on the floor reeling in sweat, trying to catch my breath….

Had I missed the first season of a Saul Goodman, Breaking Bad spinoff?

How could that be?

Fingers tingling, hands shaking, I barely click on Better Call Saul.

I get to the IMDB page for it. There has only been one episode, not yet released.

Wha? No wonder why I didn’t know about that which is renewed.

I go back to IMDB.com.

I see this down below:

IMDb Snapshot – Latest Photos and Galleries

My eyes glob onto this sexy babe’s photo; she’s  holding an award that looks like a beer mug that doubles as a mangled parfait glass. Underneath is this:

Critics’ Choice Television Awards 2014

Who dat?
Who dat?

Now I’m calm. Smelly but calm.

It is not such a big deal that I missed the awards, but hell, if I can procrastinate instead of working out, I’m going to have a look-see.

In the next link, there’s a photo of someone from Orange is the New Black holding an award.

This is so exciting! What did she win for?

I look around.

No clue.

Just a photo. So I click on “next.”  Another picture but no info. So I go on and on and on…..like a maniac I keep on clicking until I have gone through the slide show three times. (Don’t worry, it is at break-neck speed.)


Um, hello?

Award Show?


Anyone home?

No info re the award show that these photos come from. There are names. You can catch them in the pop-up captions.

But those are only names. No context–nothing re what the award is for, what role the actors play, what shows they are on. Just names.

Guess it really is just a photo gallery. IMDB is so literal.

NOW, FINALLY, I can go to what I was looking for in the first place:

What the cast members of Clueless are doing now.





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