A Blockbuster by any other name…..

Guess what I found when I went onto ESPN to check out World Cup Highlights? Grantland, a branch of ESPN’s website devoted to sports and pop culture. It has articles, podcasts, video-casts and its own channel on Youtube.

Pop culture and sports? Go figure. Because I can’t.

I viewed the video-cast (below) entitled Straight to Video: Which Low-Budget NOTbusters Should You See This Summer?

In the 4 minute, 27 second video, the hosts, Grantland writer Wesley Morris and former MTV guy Chris Connelly, have an intelligent, delightful discussion about Snowpiercer, a Korean, low-budget movie. Although it has a “superhero movie construction,” it will never be a blockbuster because it can’t compete with the big (read $$$$) Hollywood movies. The co-hosts think that word of mouth and twitter and other media will help promote the movie.

The video-cast has very few spoilers, if any. Though I did skip the film’s preview.

EEK!!! (Tilda Swinton)

Its plot: sometime in the future a failed experiment to fix global warming obliterates the planet. There are survivors who jump aboard the Snowpiercer, a train that continuously circles around the world. Soon a class system evolves and apparently there is an uprising.

Its “big cast” includes Tilda Swinton–the guys commented with amusement that if Tilda S. is in a film, you know it’s going to be weird. She plays the leader of the ruling class. All you have to do is take one look at her in the promos and you know that she is one scary screwed-up leader. I hope that she isn’t over the top.

The head of the rebels is Captain America’s Chris Evans,  who is also in Divergent.

I want this movie to be good, because a couple of years ago, I saw an earlier movie by this director that was awesome. The director is Joon-ho Bong; the movie is The Host. Although the plots differ, Snowpiercer and The Host share similar themes. The Host also takes place in the future–in Seoul, where an American scientist (USA!USA!) has been dumping some type of chemical waste into the Han River, which runs through the city. Afterwards, a monster rises out of the river’s depths to attack people. (There’s the environmental theme.). At the center of the film is a destitute family who runs a food shack by the river. The government’s treatment of this family as well as their neighbors reeks of classicism, the other theme common to both movies.

Snowpiercer will be out in limited release on June 27th (praying really hard that “limited” includes Seattle).


(By the way, did  you know that Tilda Swinton created a performance-art piece that showed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York last year? Called The Maybe, she slept in a transparent case while people circled around the box to look. Speaking of weird.)


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