A critic who doesn’t watch what she reviews

Critic shuns but reviews guilty pleasure

This just in: Emily Nussbaum, esteemed New Yorker television critic, does NOT watch all of the TV shows she reviews.

I was just listening to a podcast of last week’s Ask Me Another, a quiz show on NPR; Nussbaum was the special guest. She read quotes from her reviews and the contestant had to guess the TV show she was reviewing. After reading her quote from her review of Scandal, she had the hubris to unabashedly admit not only has she never watched the show, but also she uses a friend and the friend’s friend as her sources. (The friend and friend’s friend had met on the web in a discussion of the show.) Then she laughed about the(angry) letters she would probably receive.

Get a load of the quote that she read:

Popping with colorful villains, vote-rigging conspiracies, waterboarding, assassinations, montages set to R. & B. songs, and the best gay couple on television (the President’s chief of staff, Cyrus, and his husband, James, an investigative reporter), the series has become a giddy, paranoid fever dream, like “24” crossed with “The West Wing,” lit up in neon pink.

Like a lion in drag pouncing on a hyena laughing at his pink neon dress, pretension trumps sincerity at The New Yorker.

Nussbaum: caught in her own scandal

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