Like belching after a culinary delight

Driving from Costco today I  heard a podcast about Il Sorpasso, a 1962 Italian movie that has been recently restored. Since avoiding spoilers is my life’s creed, I did an audio skim of the review.

Critic John Tower starts out talking about America’s love of a good road-trip story, and this was a good road-trip movie about a man who asks a stranger to use his phone and takes him on a road trip to–


Before I would drive into a tree in the wake of my rage, I turned the radio off. I  would not be taken down by spoilers. I wanted to see this movie.

So when a friend came over tonight and suggested that we watch it, I found it on Amazon, turned down the lights and watched it. At first, I did the haughty yawn–I’ve seen this before, I thought: the old corruption tale (and don’t we American’s love a corruption tale as much as those Italians), but I stuck with it. I’m glad I did. Sure it was an old saw–but it was much more. An homage to Hitchcock, it kept me thinking, mostly about the fable aspect.

After it ended, I promptly went online and re-visited the review, this time reading the transcript. Powers had a different perspective–from that of the setting: the swinging 1960’s Italy that left the staid ’50’s behind. I even posted a comment. (Oh please Mr. Powers, take a look and invite me to co-host a show about movies…write a column…or ghost write your blog….)

I love me a movie that gets me thinking without making me cry. And this was a satisfying movie indeed.rome





5 thoughts on “Like belching after a culinary delight

  1. Thank you! I understand the need for silence!! That is fair! I try not to spoil old films as well because I feel like a ton of people still have not watched them! Of course providing a warning can change that though!


  2. Ha! I had some brilliant observations (if I must say so myself) about this movie that I would love to share, but like a devout Monk, I must be silent. Your reviews are awesome, though I confess that at first I skim them and then go back to read them more thoroughly after I have seen the movie. I often wonder what the statue of limitations is for movie spoilers! Can I write about a movie that has been on DVD for five years? ten years? One year? (ps No worries! I don’t review fellow blogger’s reviews. Only if they are a commercial blog, like one connected to The Seattle Times or Though I am very flattered that I have had some influence on your reviews!!!)


  3. “Since avoiding spoilers is my life’s creed”….Your hate against spoilers is so amusing. Like I laugh sometimes reading your posts due to your distaste for them. I actually try hard to be as vague as possible about scripts….unless it is a documentary due to it being almost impossible not to mention a few things. And I started trying harder when I noticed your blog…because hey, I don’t want you to ever post one of mine as containing a shit load of spoilers! Although I’m sure my records will show an unfortunate few that do!


  4. Ha! Good to hear from you, brother from another coast! The guy never stopped bragging about his car and that went way over my head. Many more cars to identify in this movie. Are you up to the challenge?


  5. In the other blogs I read, they would identify the year and model of the car before anything else! LOL

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