Mad Sunday

Terry Gross loves Mad Men.

In Thursday’s Fresh Air (on NPR radio) she interviewed Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner about this the final season.

When Terry is UNBELIEVABLY PASSIONATE about the topic of an interview, she constantly cuts off her guest with her own conclusions and plays way too many audio clips, which only gives way to further commentary by her.

She starts her interview of Weiner by playing the crackup speech Don Draper gave in last season’s finalé when he completely unraveled in his pitch to Hershey’s execs.

Now when it comes to Mad Men, I pay attention. So I stopped texting, closed my eyes, and turned up the volume on my ipod to drown out the traffic. (I was walking the dog.)

Until tonight….

What I heard made me propose to Jon Hamm all over again. As Don’s speech progresses, you can hear him lose it steadily but gradually until his voice tapers off and there is complete silence.

The interview begins. Terry cuts Wiener off with her observations about Don’s reaction to his own honesty.

I opened my eyes, found  Lucy with her cute little head buried in a garbage container she had tipped over onto someone’s driveway, and finish my walk.








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