Ain’t no going back

This evening I was looking for pics for a post criticizing the series finalé of How I Met Your Mother (better late than never?), when I discovered that the debate still rages on, and that the cast has been jumping into the fray and defending the ending. Just today Alison Hannigan said it could have been worse. (They could have added an additional poignant scene making it even sadder.)

Even  beloved Neil Patrick Harris got into the action.

But I say ENOUGH!

I began losing interest two seasons ago when it started to tank. Last month, I watched the finalé for old times sake–but I shouldn’t have gone back. It was so disappointing that I have broken from the series for good.

And now they expect me to come back to them simply by having the celebs defend the finalé?


As long as one of the characters does NOT wake up from a nightmare that comprised the finalé, I will NEVER return to watch reruns!



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