Entertainment, Aussie Style

Finally! I have the time and more importantly, the internet connection to post.

I’m coming at you from down under in Sydney. I’ve been in Australia for two weeks, in and out of Melbourne with some fun trips in between.

So this news is a little late, but I figure that you might not have heard all  of it and it is an interesting Aussie perspective. They sure are familiar with a plethora of American entertainment.

Melbourne gets down and funky
Melbourne gets down and funky

When I was in Melbourne, I looked through the main newspaper, Herald Sun, for movie reviews, but couldn’t find them. But I did find entertainment articles in practically every nook and cranny. TV and Movie news, and celeb gossip are scattered throughout without rhyme or reason. None of the articles are grouped together by genre or topic. It was if the articles were pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that needed to fit within specific dimensions. Only the puzzle pieces didn’t have to match each other.

If this was a way to lure us to read articles about different topics, it worked. When I honed in on the feature I was interested in, my eyes wandered over to another story that was completely unrelated.

Case in point:  I saw some pop culture articles under and around an article that covered 3/4 of a two-page spread. But it was the main article, shaded in grey, that caught my attention–I had to read it before anything else. It comprised a huge photo with two short columns of text about a man who set off explosives in his house, killing himself and injuring two police officers. It was a serious explosion: the whole town could feel the reverberations.

But listen to this (tiny digression): The article states that in the months before the explosion “town residents said that Mr. Sanders is a nice man but they were concerned about him as he often walked through his lifelong home town with explosives strapped to his chest.

Um, say what?

So now I could take a look at the rest of the page. Here’s a title that I went to right away:

Loos are Now Fit for a Royal Flush

It was about the royal visit of Prince William, Duchess and George. Today they rolled into Sydney–just as my family and I did. They are staying at the “Admiralty House,” which the Aussies spruced up by lightening up dimly lit common areas, redecorating the bedrooms and updating the plumbing. (That’s the “loo” reference in the title. A loo is a toilet.) (oh the humor is killing me.)

They're here!!!
They’re here!!!










Another two page spread–3/4 article about the hikes in taxi fares with tiny articles on the right side of and underneath it. One such article:

Brady Mum to Suitors: Not Interested

The article was about Florence Henderson, who at 80 years old has to fight off men in their 40’s. How do you like that? Australians really treasure their wholesome American imports.

An article buried on the other side of the spread:

Abba Hints at Reunion

Apparently Abba member Anni-Frid Lyngstad said that over the past ten years the band has discussed working on new material, but no one knows when and if that will happen.

Good to know. (Sarcasm. Not a big Abba fan.)

Two more articles I found somewhere else in the paper:

Rooney Will Join Legends

Mickey Rooney was buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, among such greats as Cecil B. Demille.

Wow! Is there really a cemetery named “Hollywood Forever”?

On the Herald Sun’s website today,  the following article was highlighted, as in it was one of the most important entertainment articles:

Mara Wilson won’t be joining the Mrs Doubtfire sequel

Who the hell is Mara Wilson? She played played the little girl in Mrs. Doubtfire; she does not want to have anything to do with the sequel because usually sequels suck.

I’m sorry, I forgot to care!

The Great Ocean Road
The Great Ocean Road

In between the first two weekends in Melbourne, we took a break to go south to the Great Ocean Road, where I grabbed a local newspaper at a café in a city called Geelong.

This is the headline of an article in the local paper:

Our Keith honored at the CMA’s.

It’s so endearing!

(This may be obvious, but they are referring to Keith Urban, Aussie country music star, husband of Aussie movie star, Nicole Kidman.)



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