A Shock to both Critics and Fans, Oh my!

Yesterday was NO SPOILER SUNDAY!

Come and get me boys!
Come and get me boys!

Last night, The Good Wife shook the Western World when a major character was killed off.

This is how extensive the shock was:

NPR ran a story on it.

A reporter interviewed 1. a fan who said she was angry because the sexual tension between two of the leads was critical to the show, and 2. a TV critic who said that he wasn’t sure whether the show would be ruined by the loss.

In other words, NOT EVERYONE likes surprises! (That’s why God invented spoilers.)

This was a real coup by CBS. So coup-ful that they had to put an explanation on their website, via a video in which Josh Charles, donning a beret, explains why he wanted to exit the show: it was time for him to move on both artistically and personally.

CBS must have taken a lesson from ABC. ABC showed everyone how NOT TO shock viewers.

Artists are so fickle.
Artists are so fickle

Two weeks ago, ABC ran promo after promo for  Scandal, announcing that the last 30 secs of the upcoming episode would change EVERYTHING.

Well it’s a soap opera. Obviously someone was going to be killed in the last 30 secs. But who?

When the episode aired, Scandal viewers waited until the last 30 seconds to see. At the end of the episode, this is what they found out–

Someone was killed but they didn’t know who. (Shots were heard, but the killing was not shown. Instead the credits began to role.) So they had to wait another week to find out who died.

ABC kept viewers hooked with CHEAP SHOTS.



Um, Mrs. President? Your husband's girlfriend is pregnant.
Um, Mrs. President? Your husband’s girlfriend is pregnant.

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