FINALLY: My Oscar Commentary

So what’d ya think?

I am going to be honest and try not to be shamefully so:

download (1)I only watched the first half.  It was just about to turn predictable, I was sick and  had other things to do before my energy ran out (like plan our trip to Australia!).

Host Degeneres stands on stage at the 86th Academy Awards in Hollywood

Who's that on Julia's left? Look! Spacey's having a good time!
Who’s that on Julia’s left? Look! Spacey’s having a good time!

First, Ellen pulled it off, and then some. I wasn’t expecting her to because I was so over her and her dance-shtick. Not only did she give a fully entertaining and satisfying opening, but also she set a relaxed tone for a lively evening that even the actors seemed to enjoy (even Bill Murray and Kevin Spacey). Her antics caught us by surprise (the pizza and the selfie for example), making them hilarious.

She was also helped by the first musical performance of the evening: that of Pherrell. I loved his dancing with Lupita, Meryl and Amy (did she not look divine?). But I have to say that after careful study of the video clips that are all over the web I would wager that it was not spontaneous. All three women were so smooth. But take a look at my girl Amy Adams: she starts to dance before he gets over to her.

The next musical performance, Karen O. singing The Moon Song from Her, was beautiful. I did see U2’s song, but meh. I like them fine, but their songs get meshed into one big Bono-shriek.

Switch keys, crescendo
Switch keys, crescendosongs run together into one big high pitched Bono-screech.

I saw a little of Idina Menzel’s performance of Let It Go. I say again: meh. She’s a great singer, but I just am not into the schmaltzy side of Broadway–you know, that histrionic, virbrato-laden ballad sung with eyes fully closed, head leaned back and then in, with arms extended, hands reaching out to you, imploring you–“Please, feel my pain. Please. feel. my. pain”: Unrequited love, nostalgic reflection, or earnest apres-murder remorse. Or those ballads of comfort or insight: the ones that recognize the darkness of a moment or foreshadow the darkness to come. Oh Idina, please stick to the stunning harmonies and performance pieces of yesteryear (Rent).

Whew. Where was I?

I looked forward to the acceptance speeches of the winners of best supporting actor and actress awards. And I was not let down. Lupita Nyong’o was as gracious as ever; and, of course, she is stunning–dazzling. She has been so from the very beginning of this award season.

But the real SHOW STOPPER was Jared Leto’s speech. WOW. His tribute to his mother was beautiful. In the near future, I will tell an interesting anecdote about one of Leto’s acceptance speeches this year.

The only presentation I thought was bizarre was that of Jim Carrey. He came off sleazy. Maybe the oily hair was a not-so-subliminal message. He has been off our radars for too long for  his faux bitterness to be funny. (He acted resentful that he was not nominated for an award.) Ironically, he actually can act. See Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. We just haven’t seen him do so in a very long time.

But I didn’t know why he was onstage until today; I read that it was to introduce a tribute to animation. (Wile E. Coyote would have been a better choice.)

Please people, come out of the shadows and share your thoughts!!!!

Here’s a fun video of Jared Leto’s interview after the Oscars.


2 thoughts on “FINALLY: My Oscar Commentary

  1. Hi Cindy! Good to hear from you. Very strange choice in Will Smith, I agree. There were so many better choices in that audience. Have a venerable actor or director do it–Meryl Streep, Robert de Nero, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese. (Why is there only one woman on this list?) Didn’t Jack Nicholson and de Nero do it in the past? Maybe Will Smith is in a movie this year and the production company donated a nice size gift to the Academy!


  2. I thought Jim Carrey did what he was supposed to do–act mad because he’s not taken seriously as an actor. When I saw him, I wondered where he’s been lately? Yes, he can act. I thought it more strange to see Will Smith introduce the Best Film award. Didn’t understand that one. The theme of the night was Heroes, but I thought it underdeveloped and lame. Anyway, it was a mediocre night as far as Oscars go. I still enjoyed myself despite the criticisms.


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