A Treasure Trove of Interview Fun

lm and rd
Leonard Maltin and Grae Drake

I discovered some more film fun this weekend when I went to check movie times on rottentomatoes.com. There on the home page was a small boxed-in photo of Leonard Maltin, leading to a video of him talking about his favorite Valentine’s Day movies.

Not particularly a fan of Maltin, but a big fan of procrastination, I clicked on the video link to see his Valentine’s Day movies (ignoring the fact that it was actually Feb 15th).

Maltin was talking to a woman I had never seen before. I pretty much ignored her until she told us the movie she recommended to watch on Valentine’s Day.

scary MayShe said,  “I think  that Valentine’s Day can best be celebrated by watching a horror movie” (shout out to JD). She chose the film May (2002), which is about a woman who tries to make friends and “fails miserably.” And, as Drake puts it:

The sweet part of this movie is that she takes initiative and makes her own friend. Sidenote: it’s by killing people and sewing different body parts together, but it’s still nice in a very weird way.

That certainly got my attention.

The woman was Grae Drake. Currently Senior Editor of rottentomatoes.com, her past positions include CNN movie critic, filmmaker, former IMDb bio writer.  She was also honored by Sundance and the Director’s Guild of America.

The videos kept coming and I couldn’t stop watching. On  most of the two to three-minute videos, Drake interviews actors from one movie. She asks quirky questions as well as those that are straight forward. Off camera she must put the actors at ease because they are funny and irreverent, and seem completely comfortable. It’s actually a clever way to promote both a movie and Drake. Click here for a list of her RT videos.


Drake’s interviews do give away spoilers by showing film clips. But some are from movies you may know you’ll never see and others are easily fast forwarded through. Be warned that each video starts with a scene from the movie she is featuring.

Sample Q’s for the following movies/themes: 

Award Season:  Commenting how heavy the actual film awards are, Drake asks various movie stars what award “would be most useful in a battle to the death.”

Anchorman 2 (1st of 2 videos): Drake asks Will Ferrell  to complete a sentence beginning with “Big foot was sighted…” Ferrell continues with, “…in a Safeway parking lot.”

Anchorman 2, 2nd video: Drake asks Paul Rudd and Steve Carell if they are both “part of a government experiment to genetically make movie stars that women want to lick on the face.”

A minute later, she licks Paul Rudd’s face. (Well, he offered!)

Ride Along:

Drake asks Kevin Hart and Ice Cube what stunts they did themselves.

Kevin Heart replies that he parallel parked a car.

She then quizzes them on the meanings of police-scanner codes (the codes are three-digit numbers.) For example she gives them one such code, and the correct answer is “disorderly conduct.”

For some good, wholesome procrastination, go to RT and take a look!


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