A (Facebook) Star is Born

Imagine my surprise when I logged onto Facebook to find that I was the star of a movie, working title: My Facebook Movie. It features a montage of photographs I have posted on Facebook over the years. Using an automated movie generator, Facebook creates a movie for each member of the community.

I applaud Facebook for giving us a true Hollywood experience. I am the star of the movie, but I had no control over the artistic direction.  As a director chooses the scenes to include in his film, Facebook chooses the photos to include in My Facebook Movie. Indeed T Bone Burnett must have chosen the romantic, sentimental score, which, together with the photos, takes me back to the moment I became born again: the moment I joined Facebook.

But what an eye opener this experience has been–I truly feel the actor’s burden of dread of the horrendous reviews his movie is destined to get. Since anyone can star in his own movie on Facebook, My Facebook Movie is not dynamic, unique or profound  enough to make it into theaters. I can only hope it goes straight to video.

Thank you Facebook, for giving me a deeper look into my soul.

(You too can make your movie. In your news feed, find someone else’s Facebook-movie post and then click on the link in the text that takes you to your Facebook Movie. In no way is this an ad or promotion. I just wanted to give you the opportunity to join the Facebook community of the 2010’s.)

My highly acclaimed photo of a Sasquatch warning. It received the largest number of likes.

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