A Perfect Ten

Here you have my top ten movies of 2013, a list completely free of spoilers–because you deserve it.

10. Lovelace. Never in a million years did you think that I would include this, did you? Just keeping you on your toes. (And no, I haven’t seen it.)

9. The Act of Killing. The movie that comes with a guarantee that I will never see it (documentary about proud, Indonesian mass murderers).

8. Enough Said. I really like that expression.


7. Sherlock. Each episode of this TV series qualifies as a movie. It has it all–movie length (1.5 hours), movie stars, (Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman), popular movie genre (mystery).

6. Gravity and 12 Years a Slave. There. I said it. This qualifies me as a bona fide movie reviewer.

5. All is Lost. As you know it stars my love, who has gotten rave reviews. I hear he is really good in it. I will try to see it before the Oscars.

4. Let the Fire Burn. I haven’t seen it, but I once lived in Philadelphia where it takes place and I remember when it happened, making me feel superior.

3. Nymphomaniac Volume 1. Hubba hubba.  Yes, it really is a movie. From Denmark. Found it on IMDB when looking for a list of movies from 2013.

2. Mud. An intricate coming of age movie that I haven’t seen.

1. The Spectacular Now. An intimate coming of age movie that I hated. Yet it achieved the impossible—it pierced through my scathing criticism by becoming a critics’ darling and doing well at the box office (for an indie).


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