Let’s all be pretentious next year when we watch the Oscars and pronounce the contenders’ names the RIGHT way.

Slate.com helps us out with Your Oscar Season Pronunciation Guide.

Though this entry confuses me—

Jared Leto, actor, Dallas Buyers Club
Pronunciation: JAIR-red LET-oh

I have been speaking his name out loud (practice makes perfect). If you say “Jared” really fast in the correct way, it sounds just like the name “Jared.” Hmmm. “Leto”? I don’t see the problem, unless some pronounce it LEET-Oh?

Like Levy and Levy (LEH-vee and LEE vee).

I looked Jared Leto up just to see if he is the guy from My So-Called Life, who, in the show and real life, is suppose to be deliciously screwed up?  (Handsome screwups: a Hollywood specialty.)

Here are some pics for you to enjoy. Which beard should he keep?


1. The Kurt Cobain

2. The George Harrison,

3. The Joaquin Phoenix (sabbatical edition)? Now there’s a name that should be in any respectable Hollywood pronunciation guide.


3 thoughts on “Oscar-phonics

  1. Ha! Here in the Northwest, guys have names I had never heard of before. But the phonetics are plain and simple.

    Waxed eyebrows and big beards? Seems hypocritical. Unless instead of growing beards, they paste them on with the extra wax.

    Wait til you hear the pronunciation of the actor in the next post!

    Thanks for you comments, Jess and JD!!!


  2. Give ’em a break. They have no control over what name an egocentric adult burdened them with at birth. (Though i suspect many of the more creative nomens are their own gifts to themselves) Waxed eyebrows on men are a turn off. Beards are a turn off on men and women. Love yout blog B.


  3. Thank you for the shout-out, darling. And “JAIR-red”? Only if you’re from the west coast with that noxious vowel shift.


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