Generic Review, Sources Revealed

Here is a color coated version of the generic review I wrote In the last post. I took excerpts from the reviews of Gravity, All is Lost and 12 Years a Slave. Below is the key to the colors that indicate the review the verbiage came from, followed by the generic paragraph with the sources revealed.


GREEN: GRAVITY,, by Richard Corliss

RED: ALL IS LOST, Hollywood Reporter, by Todd McCarthy

BLUE: 12 YEARS A SLAVE, EW Online, by Owen Gleiberman

Banana: Name of Movie

Apple: Actor in Movie


The Plot: Banana is an adventure movie and a gritty realistic tale. Urgently looking for a safe haven, Apple must contend with what become dominoes of disaster. 

The Theme: Banana depicts a character’s fight to survive an inhospitable environment against all odds. This is a survival tale requiring a heroically concentrated form of human resilience; it is a story of triumph and a testament to human grit.

The Genre: Banana is a nerve-shredding suspenser (sic) and a white-knuckle thriller.

The Lead Actor’s Performance: Apple’s extraordinary performance holds Banana together. It’s as if he/she said to him/herself, “I’ll give it all I’ve got physically and take risks.” This performance is the kind of  tour force that comes along maybe once in a quarter century.


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