True Grit

imagesHow many ways can you say that a movie is great—the plot is interesting, the movie is suspenseful, the acting amazing, the theme powerful.

In fact one generic review could cover three  fall movies:

The movies are 12 Years a Slave, Gravity and All is Lost.

One generic movie review can cover three movies: “12 Years a Slave,” “All is Lost” and “Gravity.” I took excerpts of a review form each movie and combined them, making one review for critics to copy and paste.

I compiled excerpts of reviews of these movies into one review. In other words, the sentences, phrases below are from three different movie reviews of the three different critics from three different sources.

Where the verbiage included the title of the movies, I substituted the name of the movie with Banana. I did the same with the actors, whom I called Apple.


Movie Review of 12 Years a SlaveGravity and All is Lost

The Plot: Banana is an adventure movie and a grittily realistic tale. Urgently looking for a safe haven, Apple must contend with what become dominoes of disaster.

The Theme: Banana depicts a character’s fight to survive an inhospitable environment against all odds. This is a survival tale requiring a heroically concentrated form of human resilience; it is a story of triumph and a testament to human grit.

The Genre: Banana is a nerve-shredding suspenser and a white-knuckle thriller.


The Lead Actor’s Performance: Apple’s extraordinary performance holds Banana together. It’s as if Apple said to him/herself, “I’ll give it all I’ve got physically and take

risks.” This performance is the kind of  tour force that comes along maybe once in a quarter century.

heart apple

all is lost


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