Consensus in: JGL rocks. Consensus out: Movie is about whaaaa?

Four Reviews, One Movie—Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s (JGL) Don Jon

This week I looked at movie reviews from The Boston Globe, Entertainment Weekly, NPR and USA Today. Combine these reviews, and you might get a paragraph devoid of spoilers. Hard to say.

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 5.59.02 PM1. Boston Globe: Review by Ty Burr, Sept 26th

Spoilers: Just read the first paragraph.  After that fuhgetaboutit.

Takeaway (message without spoilers): JGL rocks. Great acting, good movie. Subject is online porn and how it affects men’s attitudes toward women, relationships and sex. JGL treats the subject with honesty. JGL is the most adorable leading actor of his generation.

jgl esaui9re

2.  Entertainment Weekly: Review by Owen Gleiberman, Sept 27th

Spoilers : After first 2.5 sentences, all unavoidable spoilers.

Takeaway : JGL rocks. B+, It’s about pornography and its psychological effects.

3. NPR: Review by Bob Mondello, Sept 26th

Spoilers: Spoiler-fest after first two paragraphs.

Takeaway: JGL rocks. Rest of cast is great, good movie, about immaturity or maturity.


4. USA Today: Review by Claudia Puig, Sept 27th

Spoilers: Spoiler sandwich. None in first and last sentences. Many in between.

oo la laTakeaway:  3.5 out of 4 stars. JGL rocks. Good film. An unconventional character study, the film is about exploring fantasies.


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