The New York Times in Translation


Film Critic A.O.Scott of The New York Times writes in obscure, erudite language akin to Greek. Below is a translation of the most challenging parts in his review of Enough Said  from September 20, 2013. I have skipped over the spoilers. 

NYT=word for word from NY Times review

NYT: Now is the time to state that Enough Said is very funny indeed. 

Translation: Now that I have spent the previous two paragraphs spoiling the movie, here’s my opinion: It’s really funny.

NYT: Line for line, scene for scene, it is one of the best-written American film comedies in recent memory and–

Translation: It’s really great and–

NYT:an implicit rebuke to the raunchy, sloppy spectacles of immaturity that have dominated the genre in recent years.

Translation–much better than recent comedies, which have been really stupid.

NYT: This is not to say that Ms. Holofcener [the writer/director], an acute observer of the manners and morals of the self-satisfied metropolitan middle class, West Coast division, is decorous or genteel. She is, rather, almost ruthless in her attention to the petty vanities and hypocrisies of her characters, and the ways their relatively privileged circumstances lead them to weave webs of guilt, complacency and stifled aggression.

TranslationUnlike my mother in law, the writer/director is no lady. She can be downright mean.


AOS: The real genius of Enough Said is that it takes this entirely plausible anecdotal circumstance and unlocks both its farcical potential and its latent profundity. What happens when the things that you once found charming start driving you crazy? Many love stories address that question, but [writer/director] Ms. Holofcener tilts it a few degrees.

Translation: Enough Said is really funny, really profound and really interesting.



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