“Adore” the REAL Trailer

Thanks to Jessica, my favorite trademark lawyer, I have gotten a hold of the real trailer for Adore; Let’s compare and contrast the official with the real, shall we? Don’t watch the former if you think you will actually see this movie, about two lifelong friends who have affairs with each other’s sons.

But do remember that the real one came out months before the official.

Here is the official trailer:

Now take a look at the real trailer:


2 thoughts on ““Adore” the REAL Trailer

  1. Thanks for that, Jess! Not only is it a better version of Adore, but you can tell that the movie ripped off Andy Samburg’s SNL film short. Andy did this last May, before this movie hit the big screen. I’d say it’s a case of copyright infringement. What do you think?

    This is a better version of Adore’s preview. In case, you don’t want to navigate up an inch, here it is.


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