“The Washington Post” Movie Review Tanks

Review of Reviews: 

Michael O’Sullivan of The Washington Post Reviews Warning: No Instructions 

Spoilers: Many spoilers.

Take Away (what I could understand WITHOUT reading the spoilers):

I don’t know what it’s about, but Michael O’Sullivan thinks that it’s not great. Despite there being no press screenings or reviews, the movie did well on its opening weekend (Labor Day) because it is “geared toward Latinos in the know.”

Review of this Review: Although dressed up as a movie review, it is really an analysis of why a movie with no press screenings and reviews did well its opening weekend. It was, he posits, because “Spanish-speaking audiences” know the movie’s lead, Eugenio Derbez, a Mexican TV superstar, and  “the film is geared mainly to Latinos who are already in the know.“ For example, he explains, to understand one particular joke, you have to know something about Mexico City. But what he is talking about is something that might be more known than he thinks–it has been in the news for years and it’s something that could easily apply to at least parts of most major cities, so that maybe you don’t need to know exactly what they are talking about.

O’Sullivan describes his audiences in offensively vague terms. He interchanges the terms “Latinos” with “Spanish-speaking.” He describes the audience “at a recent screening” as being made up of “Latinos, many of whom brought young children.”

Why mention that the Latinos brought kids? Was he implying that the movie is not for kids, the kids as well as the adults are in the know, or it was wrong of the Latino audience to bring kids? He doesn’t explain. insrcutions no included

The Takeaway AFTER reading the spoilers:

It’s about a Mexican father and his half American daughter moving to L.A. The actors are good, but the plot is predictable.


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