Parental Advisory: Fart Jokes (c/o The Washington Post)

When I started to read the movie reviews in the Washington Post, my eye rolled right over to a bolded link to “Family filmgoers” movie reviews. Look. I am a parent. I know it’s good to give parental warnings, but some of the wording is pretty funny.

Review of Reviews: The Washington Post

Family filmgoer’s review of One Direction: This is Us (PG)

Review by Jane Horwitz

Spoilers: No spoilers

Take Away (or, what I could understand WITHOUT reading the spoilers):

The film follows the band One Direction on their tour. A little antiseptic, teens and tween girls will probably like it.

Parental Advisory— Quoting Ms. Horwitz:

There’s really little or no strong language in the film — just the guys kidding around backstage, a bit of flatulence humor and occasional rock-and-roll-style crotch grabbing during performances.

Review of Parental Advisory: if this scare parents away, then those parents should let never let their kids leave the house.

Bonus Info: I didn’t know this—

All four members had been contestants on the British version of “The X Factor.” Simon Cowell, the force behind this show and quite the impresario, put these guys together to form this band.


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