A Feat to Behold: Indepth, Fascinating Review and NO SPOILERS!

Whoa. Just finished walking the dog–my time to listen to podcasts. I found one on pop culture from ESPN, of all places. It’s called Hollywood Prospectus, and I caught their review of the indie movie Drinking Buddies, starring Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson.

The co-hosts, Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald, discussed the movie for at least ten minutes: the acting, the characters, the director’s prior films, and a brief description of the movie’s premise….with NO SPOILERS!

What’s more, they respect their audience. You can tell because they are trying hard not to include spoilers.

They almost did that with Breaking Bad. Well, almost. They did give a warning that they were about to give something away–and it was from last season, not the current one. After a brief discussion about said spoiler, they went back into non-spoiler mode. The only catch is, how would someone know when the guys had stopped dishing–by then the listener would have stopped listening because of the spoiler warning!


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