“The New Yorker,” Part 1: Elitist Pretension and “Green Hornet”

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Critical Consensus is that Green Hornet was a dud. Seth Rogen stars in it and he also co-wrote it with his high school pal, Evan Goldberg. David Denby, the New Yorker’s film critic, had this to say towards the end of his review:

Well,  I’m sorry to put it this way, but The Green Hornet is what you get when someone [Seth Rogen] who dropped out of high school to do standup comedy, then spent a decade in movies and television, conceives a Hollywood “passion project.”

Hey David–

One word (well, two words crunched together into one title): Superbad.

Seth Rogen co-wrote this movie with Even Goldberg, a pal from high school–the same co-writer for Green Hornet. Superbad is about two recent high school graduates (Michael Cerra and Jonah Hill) who want to lose their virginity before they go to college. Not a new concept, but the movie is great–it’s creative, clever and LOL funny, but that’s just the opinion of one of the common people.

Mr. Denby, please come over and watch Superbad with me. I’ll make popcorn and club soda with my xxx. We can discuss works of art that have similar plots and then compare them to Shakespeare.

Moving on, let’s get down to it and talk about what we should really expect from Seth Rogen, high school dropout: movies that are as great as Superbad. After watching Green Hornet, we can be duly disappointed without arrogance. We know you’re erudite. You work for The New Yorker for God’s sake.

PS They also wrote Pineapple Express and This is the End, both of which received decent reviews. Not brilliant movies to me, but they did (are doing) well at the box office, so that says something about his skills.


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