Introducing My Blog: A letter to Film Critics

Dear Critics,

Isn’t it enough that movie previews show the whole movie? They leave nothing to the imagination. Your job is to give us your recommendations. Simple, yes?

As it turns out, no. You just can’t help expounding upon the oeuvre of the director, the film’s role within the history of film, the best moments of the movie and how they affect the story.

Enough already! Tell us why we should see the story, what it’s about. Sure, you can tell us some of the movie’s strengths—the acting, the story, the innovative approach to a true story or topic.

Just do it without giving the whole movie away, and save the pretentious verbiage for blogs, movie courses, and books.


Barbara Winkelman


4 thoughts on “Introducing My Blog: A letter to Film Critics

  1. Jane, I agree that it is more interesting to read the reviews afterwards. In deciding whether to go to the movies, I think that we have to go set some criteria, RT and friends’ recommendations for you, and stick with them. Then you can avoid those spoilers! I like RT also, though have some reservations about the way they collect their data and that that their per cents can be misleading in that they could dissuade us from seeing a movie that is worth seeing in theaters.That said, I definitely depend on them!

    I too like reading the analysis’ afterwards too, but I also love discussing the movies. I like looking up the actors and directors in the movie and seeing their priors–I hate that feeling like you know that you’ve seen an actor before, but can’t place it. Then there’s the small distraction throughout the movie of trying to figure it out.

    I will write reviews of the movies I see, complete without spoilers!


  2. Thanks Barbara. I think it’s more fun to read a review after the movie. Go on a friend’s recommendation or a RottenTomato 80+ and take the leap. Then hopefully reading a review feels like an intelligent analysis with a strong point of view, not just a plot review. I like the filmography stuff too. When a reviewer knows what other roles an actor has played and can compare one to another. Also like when films are compared to others I’ve seen. Too bad there aren’t more great film reviews. I look forward to yours!


  3. Jeyna–Thanks for your comment! The trailers ruin our enjoyment and the movie’s impact. The 15 minutes of previews is a good time to get popcorn!


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